Perch documentation


The Solutions section of the Perch documentation contains worked examples explaining how to do various things in Perch.

The raw data for this section is stored on GitHub in Markdown format. If you would like to contribute Solutions from your own workflow you can fork that repository and submit a Pull Request. You can read how to format your documents in our readme.

Can I combine content from several regions?

You want to gather content from more than one Perch Region, and display it on a page.

Updated 12th March

How do I get help?

In Perch Support we really want to be able to help you, however many support tickets and forum questions don’t give us enough information to be able to do so quickly.

Updated 12th March

How do I debug problems with templates or custom content?

Perch has a debug mode that can help you see what Perch is doing internally. This is helpful for troubleshooting your own problems and will give you extra information to give to support when you need help.

Updated 11th March

Using Perch with Mailtrap for local email testing

During development on a local server testing forms and email can be tricky. This solution explains how to integrate the service Mailtrap with Perch.

Updated 6th October

How do I split up the admin editing page into sections?

If you have created a complex editing form it can be helpful to your editors to split it up into sections. The divider attribute can help you to do that.

Updated 11th March

How do I create a Dashboard Widget?

Dashboard Widgets display on the home screen of the admin area if you have enabled the Dashboard rather than the traditional listing of pages initial view. Widgets can be created as part of an app, as with our official Perch Apps. However you can also create a standalone widget, that can contain anything from some simple HTML to more complex PHP. This solution shows you how to enable a very simple Widget of your own.

Updated 11th March